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Our Heart Ceramic Headstone Photo come in multiple sizes and border options. You will be able to Purchase your porcelain once all options are selected. 


Wondering what size to get?

  • The most popular sizes for a Headstone are Oval 9x12cm and Oval 8x11cm. 
  • The most popular cremation wall size is Oval 5x7cm. 
  • However every Headstone Is different, you may prefer something much Larger, or you may only have space for a smaller size.


It is quick and easy to order- 

  • Once you have submitted your order,  we will contact you within 2 working days to get your loved ones picture and talk through the process. 
  • We will keep in contact and let you know when your order is complete and ready to be shipped to you.
  • (Make sure this image of your loved one is as clear as possible, as this is exactly how it will appear on your finished porcelain).  

Shop Heart Ceramic Headstone Photos

PriceFrom €110.00
    • Return & Refund Policy

      In the Rare Occasion that Your Porcelain is faulty or Smashed-

      If this were to occur we will offer you a full refund or a replacement.

      If You are Not Happy with Your Porcelain-

      Unfortunatly if your porcelain is not faulty, yet you are still not happy with it, we will be unable to return or refund it. This is a personalised commissioned piece and not eligable for return. 

    • Shipping Policy


      • Delivery within Ireland and the UK– Allow 20- 30 days for us to make and deliver your picture. 
      • Once you have placed your order, the production process in takes between 14-28 days. Once we have it ready it will be shipped to you within two days!
  • Fits in Minutes, Lasts a Lifetime!

    Installing your porcelain picture takes only a few minutes, it couldn’t be easier. We advise our customers to use Tec7 glue which you can get at any DIY store.

    • Step one- Make sure that the area you are placing the porcelain on is clean.

    • Step two- position your porcelain picture in the space where you would like it to be, mark this space clearly with pencil or masking tape.

    • Step three- spread a thick layer of Tec7 glue on the back of your porcelain picture. Leaving a one centimetre gap from the edge so that the glue does not spill out too much past the edges when pressed down.

    • Step four-  With the glue now on your picture, place the picture in the position that you have already marked out clearly, adjust if needed, and press down firmly so that the porcelain sits directly on the surface without any gaps.

    • Step five- you may need some wet wipes for around the edges of the picture, as glue may spill out. With the wipes, gently wipe away any excess glue.


    Your porcelain picture is finished!

    Tec7 is an extremely strong glue and your porcelain will be secure right away as it dries very quickly. However, if you would like to secure you picture with masking tape until the glue is dry, or if weather conditions are so severe that it may disturb the drying process, then by all means, secure with masking tape, and remove at your next convenience. Tec7 dries after 20 minutes, and cures after 24 hours. It is instantly waterproof and virtually indestructible.

    This is the exact method for all installations of porcelain portraits In graveyards. Whether you would like a porcelain memorial for a headstone, tombstone, urn, monument, statue, bench, crematorium, or so on, our pictures will fit in minutes and last a lifetime.


     If you are stuck at all with any of these instructions,

    please feel free to contact our customer support at

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